Project 370Z- Improving Grip by Tuning a Cusco RS LSD!


Next the pinion gears and cross shafts are dropped in.  You have to pay attention to which direction you put the shafts in and which ramps you drop them into so you get 1.5 way action in our case.  You also put the proper amount of pressure ring springs at this time.
Next drop the second pressure ring in place.  Double check the pinion shaft orientation and correct pressure ring ramp position through the windows in the case before proceeding further at this point.
Next the opposite clutch pack is inserted into the case.  Two sets of clutches are deactivated on this side as well.
Drop the clutch pack end plate in place.
Then place the end of the case in position.  You can see how much preload the pressure ring springs have.
Bolt the case together.  The torque doesn't really mater because the ring gear bolts do most of the job in holding everything together,

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