Project 370Z- Improving Grip by Tuning a Cusco RS LSD!


Since the diff runs really hot at the track, we will use Motul 75/140 Competition synthetic gear oil, a bit on the thick side, but at high temps, it will be fine.
For serious track use we are going to need a diff cooler.  For now, we will limit our hot laps and hopefully the diff cover will help keep things cool enough.
To make things easier we added the oil off the car.
Our diff is ready to go, Buttonwillow here we come!
For this track event we changed our wheel and tire setup from 18×9.5 front with a 275/35-18 and a 18×10.5 with a 295/35-18 in the rear to a 18×10.5 Enkei wheel all around with 285/35-18 Nitto NT05 tires all around.  Going from staggered to square made the car a little more balanced.  The NT05's had a little more grip than the Continentals we had to run for the Modified Magazine shootout.  The bigger front tires makes our car look better too!
Congratulations Brenda for taking the worst action pictures to ever grace our site!  Out on the track our car was turning laps in the consistent low 2:02 range, 4 seconds a lap faster than it had gone previously.  We feel that the diff contributed to more than half of the improvement by totally eliminating wheelspin on corner exit which was really bad at Buttonwillow. Not bad for a 100% street car with no aero and basically a stock engine. We did have to adjust our driving style as the locking of the diff into the corners made the car want to rotate under trail braking.  We had to change to more of a brake in a straight line, then turn, driving style.  The car also wanted to drift on corner exit a little more than we wanted to.  As it is now, the diff would probably be perfect for an R-Compound tire , for a street tire we might need to deactivate one more set of clutches for optimal traction.  We decided to leave it for now and focus on some suspension tuning as it looks like we need more adjustment than the Kinetix links we have will allow.  We need stiffer suspension and more negative camber.

Stay tuned, in the next installments of Project 370Z we will be focusing on getting more power and more grip out of Project 370Z.  Our goal is to break into the sub 2 minute range at Buttonwillow with a total daily driver street car with no aero and no R-compound tires.

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