Project 718 Cayman T: Part 8 – BMC Air Filter

I just had to show the components making up the chassis brace. That top piece looks to just be a chunk of billet machined aluminum which is not a cheap way to make parts. I think the main cross brace is an extrusion that is bent to shape. I bet the jigs for holding the pieces for welding are fun.

Yes, more foam underneath the side cubby panels.

I cut myself a tool access slot into the carpet cover so I could get a torx bit straight onto the fastener. I suppose Porsche makes maintenance require a bazillion steps so they can charge you a ton of money on service. For example, I’ve seen people pay $600-$700 for an oil change at the Porsche dealership for the 718. I just saw someone got quoted $340 for the engine air filter change.

The two forward corner fasteners, there’s no direct way to get to them because of the chassis brace right above them. I had to use needle nose vice grips with my torx socket bit to get the fasteners off and on.

The engine cover bulkhead panel has a nice rubber seal around the perimeter and a thick layer of insulation.


    1. I’ve heard with practice, it can be done in 45 minutes. If done by the dealership, the question is how careful are they and how many little black cones will they lose. Also, getting the lid back on properly seated and sealed takes a bit of work. I didn’t have it seated correctly the first time.

  1. There is a big intake restriction after the intake filter, just before the turbo. There’s a company “Ragdoll Motorsports” that has replacement turbo inlet that showed great results on the 2.5.

    1. Already have that on the way with a bigger spinny thingy that does the ‘hint hint….’ more airflow part.

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