Project Acura RSX, Improving the Stopping Power!

Ok, it’s all-stock sized but please note that the fastest FWD Honda time attack cars in the world with tons of aero and slicks run the stock rear brakes!

Time for the Stoptech Trophy front brakes.  To start off we removed the stock brake caliper, lines, and rotor.  Next, we bolted in Stoptech’s adaptor bracket that adapts the radial-mount Stoptech caliper to the rear mount stock knuckle.

The Stoptech ST60 caliper dwarfs the stock caliper with way more pad volume for much longer life.  The trophy caliper is much lighter than the stock iron piece and a lot more stiffer to boot.

The Stoptech AeroRotor is much larger for more swept area, more mechanical advantage, and much more thermal capacity.   With much of the iron in the center of the rotor being replaced with aluminum and the rotor although thicker having much more venting, the Stoptech AeroRotor is actually lighter than stock.

The AeroRotor is thicker with more vent area about the center of the rotor to pump more cooling air through it.

We slid the AeroRotor into place holding it down with the OEM set screws.


  1. I’ve noticed that no one makes 2-piece rotors for stock sized rotors. I would have thought the weight savings from the iron hub will still be worth the trouble, but it seems that the market does not demand for it.

    Any insights on that?

    1. Because it would be pointless to offer something like that. Stock rotors are good if you are running stock sized tires with stock type compounds. When you run more aggressive tires and suspension you quickly overwhelm the stock brakes in track use, with aggressive pads, the car might stop but the rotors will become damaged, rapid wear heat checking and warping.

      1. are S2000 rotors the same as RSX? Cause there are 2pc options for that… although same logic applies as to why its kind of a waste of money…

        1. Yup, anyone who is really serious about tracking the S2000 upgrades to a BBK now. It only took a decade of telling people that, ha. The crowd of, “oh, I just bring spare stock rotors because they crack every two track days” is much smaller now.

  2. Would you recommend going to a bigger rear brake on a FR car with more even weight distribution, or do they tend to do well with just a more aggressive pad as well?

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