Project AP1.5 S2000: Introduction, Installation of AEM Infinity & Dyno Tuning!


Starting off, we will monitor basic vitals such as oil pressure, oil and water temperature, and air/fuel ratio through AEM's sensors. We will set warning parameters on our AEM CD7 dash (coming soon in the next article!) so that we can easily monitor vitals while on track. A lot can be told with these basic readings, and it will allow us to have another method of reviewing engine health after each event. We can store the logs and compare things such as oil pressure levels per RPM range over time. Monitoring this data over the course of time can help us catch engine inefficiencies which can lead to catastrophic failures. The earlier we are able to catch such data, the less expensive the outcome can be. Since the F Series motors are finicky to oiling in general and since a good F22 crank can be hard to come by, this data management will be crucial to the team in addition to normal preventative maintenance. 


AEM Electronics offers plug and play harnesses for several vehicle applications that makes installation very easy. Fortunately for us, they have one that suits 2000-2005 S2000s. 


Installation of the plug and play harness is a breeze. After removing the factory door sill scuff plate, the kick panel lower trim, the three 10mm bolts and harness connector holding the factory ECU in place, connecting the plug and play harness is easily accessible. 

Installation of the Infinity is also easy by using one of the OEM mounting points and provided double-sided Velcro tape that adheres perfectly with the shape of the S2000 chassis in that direct area and shape of the new ECU. 


Before you button up the interior panel pieces, we recommend connecting this supplied mini USB to USB cord and feeding it up and hiding/securing it to under the dash. This will make your life a lot easier once you want to retrieve data, connect your laptop to use the AEM InfinityTuner software, etc. 


We used a few zip ties to keep the harness cleanly in place and reinstalled the interior pieces. To the unassuming passer-by, it looks like nothing was changed!

With the Infinity and plug and play harness installation complete, we can now move on to wiring our sensors!


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