Project AP1.5 S2000: Introduction, Installation of AEM Infinity & Dyno Tuning!


The baseline dyno run was cut early, at roughly 7150 RPM, to make adjustments that allotted more wheel horsepower for the next run. Since this motor continues to increase horsepower after 7100 RPM, we can't really compare horsepower numbers before and after tuning, but what we can highlight is the change in torque and torque range. The torque range tends to be relatively consistent with this motor after VTEC engagement until redline. 

Notice how the torque stays well below 125 ft/lbs, at around 110-120 ft/lbs until it gets close to hitting VTEC at 6000 RPM where it finally stays between 130 ft/lbs and its max at 133 ft/lbs.


Beau Brown from AEM found it most beneficial to move VTEC engagement back to 3700 RPM. With this earlier engagement, you can see a torque curve that stays at or above 125 ft/lbs starting from 3900 RPM, throughout the midrange, and remains consistent from 125-137 ft/lbs from 5000 RPM to redline at 8400. This is a significant increase in midrange torque from 100-115 ft/lbs to a consistent 125 ft/lbs through 3800-5000 RPM, which is beneficial for momentum driving. Also, peak to peak torque comparison saw a 9 ft/lb increase before and after tuning. 

Tuning a stock F22 with basic bolt-ons never results in magic numbers. What it does do is make your life marginally easier to maintain momentum around a racetrack. 

Although we saw increases after tuning, less than 200whp doesn't get you anywhere in the power combative world of Time Attack. There is only so much magic that can be worked with dyno tuning, and if any magic can be found, AEM's Beau Brown is the one that will find it. But before we jump ship to the power-making train, we need to address other areas of this car first to support any large power gains. Stay tuned for the next part of Project AP1.5 where we will be installing an AEM CD-7 dash display and VDM module!



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