Project AP1.5 S2000: Introduction, Installation of AEM Infinity & Dyno Tuning!


You will need to wire and pin the sensors yourself, so we will also walk through that process. AEM provides the pin connectors, but you will need to purchase and measure out how long of 18 gauge wiring you will need. You can get as creative as you would like, but to make it easy to reference, we used brown wiring for ground and yellow for signal and power (for the pressure sensor). We would have liked to have had a third color to make it easy to differentiate the signal from the power on the pressure sensor, but the place that we bought our wiring from only had two colors available. 


Using wire strippers to strip the wire and after sliding on the rubber connector housing, slide the connector pin on and crimp. Having the right tool for the job is crucial here, and we used a Molex hand crimping tool. Since the connectors are “Pull to Seat”, it has to be done in this order. 


Practice makes perfect, but we like to use one size larger to bend the connector pin just so that it is heading in the right direction before using the proper size to fully crimp. If this is your first time like it was this author's, don't worry about making a mistake- AEM provides spare pin connectors to ease any wiring anxiety you may have. After a firm crimp, double check your work with the wiggle test to ensure proper rigidity. 


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