Project AP1 S2000: Installing Hasport AP Differential Mounts

Project AP1 S2000: Installing Hasport AP Differential Mounts

by Vincent Soto


Our Project AP1 S2000 is a daily workhorse. It’s almost 17 years old and coming up on 140,000 miles; the car has been a good reliable daily driver that sees some spirited driving and track use every now and then. 

Recently, our car started to make loud banging noises when shifting through the gears, and our rear wheels would dribble like basketballs when we accelerated hard off the line or out of turns. When looking for the cause of this under the car, we discovered that the differential mounts on Project AP1 S2000 were cracked, torn and were starting to leak silicone fluid. Instead of going back to the OEM liquid filled mounts, we decided to go with a more solid mount. After driving Project AP2 S2000 and feeling how good the Hasport differential mount kit on it felt, it was a no brainer to use them on this car! 

We hit up Hasport to see what they recommended for our AP1. Hasport offers four levels of stiffness for their differential mounts. They offer mounts with 62A, 70A, 88A, and 94A durometer urethane inserts. We opted for the second hardest 88A mount (recommended to us by Hasport), which is the “Extreme Race” version. 


The differential mounts are CNC machined from strong 6061-T6 billet aluminum and come with provided high strength 12.9-grade hardware.
The finish on the Hasport differential mounts are really nice and shiny! This means a fine final pass on the CNC machine.      
The good thing about these mounts is you don't have to press them into the stock hangers like the OEM parts. Hasport provides the whole mount and bushing for a direct drop in.
The urethane bushings of the Hasport mounts are flanged to keep them centered. 

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