Project AP1 S2000: Installing Hasport AP Differential Mounts


Howard bolts on the sway bar bracket to finish up the install.

After a couple hundred miles, the biggest thing we noticed with the new Hasport mounts is that they have completely eliminated the banging and crashing of the stock differential banging around in the chassis with hard shifts and when launching from a dead stop. This pounding is bad for the diff's internal parts as well as the axles and driveshafts.

The other issue that the Hasport mounts cure is totally eliminating wheel hop. The wheel hop was greatly affecting traction off the line and out of turns. The wheel hop also puts a lot of stress on the axles, driveshaft, and transmission as well as the differential. As the diff and axles on the S2K are somewhat weak, the Hasport mounts will help the life of these components greatly. 

There are few downsides to the Hasport mounts. We can hear the diff whining a very slight bit more than with the stock mounts, but our AP1 has no trunk carpet or soft top. The hard plastics of our unlined hard top amplify drivetrain noises. With a stock car, you might not be able to hear the noise differences the Hasport mounts make. The single exit exhaust we have drowns out most of the whining from the rear differential anyway. Really, the whining does not really bother us, and it is much more preferable compared to hearing the diff bang around and suffering through wheel hop. 

If you are that picky about noises, you can get one of the lower durometer Hasport mount kits and enjoy no noise differences while still supporting the diff better.  So reduce drivetrain stress and improve off the line and cornering grip now with Hasport. We recommend the Hasport mount for any S2000, even well-worn stock ones.

Stay tuned for more on Project AP1 S2000. We go through the car and replace all the worn out 17 year old parts. 




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