Project AP1 S2000: Installing Hasport AP Differential Mounts


Howard starts by removing the bolts on the sway bar bushing and by unbolting the differential mounts. You can see the that the stock mounts have large cutouts in them to allow movement of the diff under torque loading. 
After unbolting the stock mounts, Howard uses a jack to support the differential up to slide out the mounts.
Here you can see the cracks and tears in the OEM mount. It was definitely time to change these out. The fatigued stock mounts were allowing the differential to move around with a bang under hard launches. The tired old mounts were also causing wheel hop from a dead stop and coming out of the turns.  
Comparing the two mounts to each other, the Hasport mount is pretty solid compared to the OEM mounts. The Hasport mount with its urethane center section is a harder material than the OEM liquid filled rubber. You can see how the Hasport mount doesn't have the compliance generating cutouts either. 

A side comparison of the OEM top and Hasport bottom mounts shows how much thicker, stiffer and stronger the mounting flanges of the Hasport mount are.

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