Project Autocross BRZ – Dialing in the KW Clubsports


Justin was called and back to Lake Country Alignment I went. The changes to be made this time were hopefully to be the last of the season as I really needed more seat time in the car. We went aggressive right away lowering the car 10mm on all four corners. Which was very noticeable just by looking at the car. Once that was done Justin went forward to make sure the corner weights were set correctly on the KW’s. One comment Justin did have during this visit was the ease to adjust the height for the KW Clubsports (from what he has seen they are becoming more common in the midwest due to their durability and aversion to damage from inclement weather).

Our results from this visit consisted of reeling in some rear camber that had appeared once the car was further lowered, re balancing out the weight and touching up the toe settings. We wound up at the ride height and corner weight (driver included just with a bit less gas) below:

LF 619 mm, 862 lb
RF 619 mm, 770 lb
LR 622 mm, 701 lb
RR 620 mm, 606 lb

Back on the scales in full race trim with me inside and a low tank of gas.

The adjusted split cross, left and rear once things had settled into place.

I knew something had changed and it was mentioned that the car was almost too happy to slide on its own. We found that the rear camber had increased giving us far more camber than we wanted or needed. Justin was able to max out the toe adjustment to get the rear camber back to our desired -2.0 degrees.
Ride height set and the alignment put back into order the KW Clubsport definitely allowed for a lowered more aggressive stance.

Here in the midwest we don’t have open access to tarmac, concrete or asphalt pads to do our testing on like some of our friends around the country. Our testing ends up being a combination of street driving and the small amount of time we get at local events to get settings sorted. It sucks.

From this point I had 4 events prior to the SCCA Solo Nationals in Lincoln NE to sort the suspension. A local Milwaukee Region SCCA event, the Subaru Challenge in Lafayette IN, Fl4tfest in Madison WI and a final Milwaukee Region SCCA event in mid August. With this in mind the first Milwaukee event became a scramble to get the shock settings sorted Prior to the Subaru Challenge. Each run knobs were turned and adjustments were made. The KW Clubsport’s huge benefit over my previous V3’s is being able to adjust High and Low speed settings. Having the High and Low speed adjustment allows the car to maintain more grip on surfaces that aren’t as smooth as one would like. Project Autocross BRZ’s compression settings were dialed in quite quickly as they had been pretty close to where they needed to be for our application right out of the box.

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