Project Autocross BRZ – Dialing in the KW Clubsports


Following the Subaru Challenge I had another event that I had signed up for hoping to further confirm the KW Suspension settings. This event is a semi local Subaru event (Fl4t Fest) held at Madison International Speedway in Oregon, Wisconsin. Those competing in the autocross portion of this event are classed by driveline layout, engine size and whether or not they’re running forced induction. The classing is simple but kind of open which can mean a very well prepped car could be against a stock car. Originally, we thought it would be a Subaru Only event however that was not the case. It would be open to all makes and models. At the last minute I was able to get a few more local friends to make the hour and a half trip to this “for fun” event. So my friends in a GT-R and an Alfa 4C tagged along to have some fun.

The course was kind of odd being that it was set up in a high banked oval with a smaller banked oval in the infield of the track. but once you had a couple of runs in it was all about picking a smooth line nailing down the shift points and looking ahead. As the day went on it came down to the GT-R, an EVO X MR and the MotoIQ BRZ battling for the Fastest Time of the Day and overall win. Overall, the event went very well for confirming the KW’s settings as I didn’t have to change a thing.

GT-R, Alfa 4C and the BRZ cooling off after the 1st runs.

Some of the Event Staff and other participants asking about the difference between the two BRZ’s.

Fl4t Fest class results, 1st place in class for the KW Clubsport equipped MotoIQ BRZ.

Fl4t Fest overall results, 1st place overall for the KW Clubsport equipped MotoIQ BRZ.
This was the fastest time of the day and my final run. It also further cemented the current suspension settings on the KW Clubsport 3 way adjustable suspension.

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