Project Autocross BRZ – Dialing in the KW Clubsports


The 2016 Subaru Challenge event was going to test how well this new alignment and dialed in suspension settings would work on a rougher older asphalt lot. The High and low speed compression valve were going to be put to task on this surface.

Here is the 2016 Subaru Challenge winning run. The KW Clubsport 3 way adjustable suspension did it’s job keeping the MotoIQ Subaru BRZ in constant contact with this rough surface providing consistent controlled performance. I couldn’t ask for anything more from this suspension.

Class results for STX that was 100% filled with BRZ’s.

Pax results for the overall finish with the class handicaps applied.

2016 Subaru Challenge Super Shootout qualifiers parked and ready to take their final runs.

This final Result posting is from the Super Shootout aspect of the Subaru Challenge which allows the winner of each class to take one final run to claim the Top Spot of the event as the Super Shootout Champion. I have botched this one up many years in the past. This year the way this car handled on the KW Clubsports worked so well that I was able to relax a bit and just put in a solid run to take the win. Thank you KW!
The KW Clubsport 3 way Equipped MotoIQ Project Autocross Subaru BRZ posing for this picture with the hardware it will be hauling home from this event.

2016 Subaru Challenge Full Results posted on the Indy Region SCCA website

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