Project Autocross BRZ: Getting a Little Louder with the ARK Design Racing Spec Exhaust

Getting a Little Louder with the ARK Design RacingSPEC Exhaust

by Bart Hockerman

I have been looking for a good single exit exhaust option since I bought the BRZ. I have always liked the single exit look vs dual. Once it was decided that that Project Autocross Subaru BRZ was going to upgrade to a brand name catback exhaust vs my homebrewed special, the search began. While on the hunt for single tip exhausts things narrow down pretty quickly to a handful of good designs on the market.

The ARK Design RacingSPEC exhaust for the BRZ/ FR-S/ GT86 platform was the best Stainless Steel option on the market from what I could find. The high quality polished 304 Stainless steel would not only look sharp from behind but is would also offer a long lasting better sounding exhaust. My order was placed and in roughly 4 business day the ARK Design RacingSPEC exhaust arrived from California.

The ARK Design exhaust arrived in a very sturdy box. UPS wasn’t even able to mangle it enough for me to think there may have been any damage.

Unpacked it is a very beautiful polished high quality 304 stainless exhaust system. The welds are perfect and this exhaust was built to be lightweight.

Prior to installation I figured that I would add some of the scrap Gold adhesive backed reflective film to the bumper as cheap insurance against saggy burned bumper. I know Bling Bling Yo!

Installation on the BRZ is a very simple process of the unbolt the two bolt from the front pipe and remove the hangers holding the cat back exhaust system in place. The above photo actually shows the ARK mid pipe in place as the previous exhaust was a one piece cat back.

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