Project C7 Corvette Stingray Z51: Drivetrain Improvements


Here is a complete view of the floater and drive straps with both of the discs. The discs feature a sprung hub, which will reduce drivetrain harmonic noise and vibration, especially at low RPM. It will also provide some smoothness in engagement and shock absorption in shifts.

The 9 11/16 inch discs have a friction material consisting of ceramic pucks that are bonded to the full face metal disc faces. In between the disc faces is a marcel spring. The marcel is a flat, wavy spring that squishes flat as the pressure plate engages, giving a gradual and smooth engagement. These things all add up to make the RXT 1200 streetable.


The lightweight flywheel is machined from 4140 chromoly billet. As we said before, the friction surface is removable and replaceable, as is the starter ring gear.

The friction surface is thicker than typical, as sometimes the thin parts found in some other flywheels warp with heat and cause premature failure.

With a strap drive floater giving instant centering and establishment of an air gap when disengaged and the pressure plate sitting on these steel standoffs, the clutch has a really open construction which gives good air circulation and cooling.


Getting the torque tube out of the car is a huge pain. To start, we had to remove the exhaust. To remove the exhaust, the whole rear fascia has to come off the car again (we just did that in the last part in our series when we upgraded our rear spoiler). This is a big job, so Howard and George had their work cut out for them.

First, the exhaust is unbolted by the second pair of cats.

This allows us to remove the middle part of the exhaust.

Now it was time to remove the mufflers.


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