Project Civic EF Racecar: Part 2 – First track shakedown


The tried and true Motul RBF 600 DOT 4 brake fluid was flushed into all the lines of Project EF.  I've used this model brake fluid for many years in various cars with success.  Another great factor is it's affordable for the grassroots racer while still having a high temperature threshold and good shelf life.  
Motul 300v engine oil was also changed into Project EF.  With the high RPMs VTEC Honda motors see, having a quality, group 5 base stock racing oil could be the difference between a good day on track and a spun bearing.  Even though the oil in the engine was relatively fresh, I did not want to take any chances, especially since the JDM Type R engine is not cheap.  
Thanks to the remote oil filter the previous owner had installed, I'm able to run these higher capacity S2000 oil filters.  Just for the hardcore Honda readers, I stuck with a genuine OE Honda filter. 
I stole the Sparco Rev FIA race seat and Schroth harness setup out of Project 370Z to be used in Project EF for the test day.  Thanks to Henry at KazeSpec engineering for getting me the EF Civic specific Pro Car Innovations seat mount.  This bracket has a huge amount of adjustability and features quality hardware.  
With the hard parts installed and the car back together, the last step in preparation for the event was to get the alignment sorted.  Since I changed the ride height of the car and had done a lot of work to the suspension, getting the alignment checked and sorted was critical.  Thanks to Harbor Tires in Garden Grove, CA for fitting me in last minute.

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