Project Civic EF Racecar: Part 2 – First track shakedown


With the car together, running, and driving straight, the excitement was building as I looked forward to getting on track for the first time with my new (to me at least) race car.  Since I had no reference as to how fast the car would be at local tracks in Southern California and how I'd barely gotten it ready “enough” for the track weekend, I wasn't expecting a lightning fast lap time pace. The top priorities were to bring Project EF back in one piece, not blow the engine, see how the handling balance behaved, and verify that the cooling modifications were adequate.  Based off the condition of prep going into the event and other local Honda FWD track day car's lap times, I wasn't expecting faster then a 2.05 at Buttonwillow Raceway configuration CW #13.


Loaded up and ready to go, Project Civic EF Racecar looking clean(ish) before heading out on the 2 hour drive up the 5 freeway to Buttonwillow Raceway Park.  
Despite Project EF's rough exterior features, a few sponsor decals help the over all look a bit.  Going over the car and setting tire pressures, damper settings, and checking oil level.  Everything seemed to be good to go.  
Being that it was the final round of the Speed Ventures Honda FF Challenge, a lot of cool (and much better looking) Hondas were in attendance.  I reviewed the rules and figured out my classing for the Challenge and signed up just for fun.  Seeing as how I ended up in the class with the highest attendance, I wasn't expecting a stellar finish.   
Patiently waiting in grid to get out on track for the first session.  Fellow MotoIQ writer Khiem Dinh with Project S2000 was also in attendance for some track fun and parts testing for future articles.  Stay tuned for his perspective of the day's activities.  
I didn't truly realize how small the dimension's of Project EF were until I saw it lined up next to other cars.  Even though our project is a hatchback it's still a rather tiny car.  The car's small size is evident when compared to the mid 90's Civic coupe next to me.

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