Industry Insider: Tein’s Shock Service

Industry Insider: Tein's shock service

by Mike Kojima

One of the markings of a better shock company is if the company can service their product by offering rebuilding and revalving if the the customer needs it for their usage.  We recently visited Tein Suspension since they are rebuilding and revalving the shocks on our Project Supra

Our Supra is equipped with Tein Flex coilovers.  The Flex is Tein's high performance twin tube street coilover which is singly adjustable for rebound damping and independently adjustable for ride height and droop with a height adjustable spindle or control arm mount.

We sent the Tein Flex coilovers back to Tein sothat they could be rebuilt and upgraded to the latest valving spec for this application.  Since these shocks were installed on Project Supra many years ago, Tein has come out with something they call an advanced needle valve which improves ride quality.  The advanced needle valve comes with an entirely different piston valve spec as well.

Let's take a look at what is involved with rebuilding a shock and take a look inside at exactly what Tein does when you send your shocks back to them for service.


We brought our Tein Flex coilovers to Tein's Southern California headquarters to get our servicing done.
Our coilovers are checked in and the part numbers verified before the work is started.  The Bill Of Materials (BOM) is pulled so the specs of the shocks can be confirmed as the shock is disassembled. 
Tein's R&D staff disassembles the shock once the shock's part number is verified and the BOM is pulled.  He starts by taking off the camber plate, spring, bump stops, bump rubbers and dust shields.  He will also remove the spindle or control arm mount. 

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