Project DBA R35 Nissan GT-R: Front End Protection with Premium Shield


The Premium Shield film was placed on the wetted hood and sprayed down with more soapy water.

You can see that liberal amounts of soapy water that the installers added under the film.

The film was stretched down on the hood by hand and the excess water was squeegeed out carefully starting in the middle of the hood and working out to the edges.

The top of the film was kept wet while using the squeegee to keep things lubricated and to keep from marring the top surface of the film.  Although film installing looks easy it actually requires a lot of finesse and skill to do a nice invisible job.  We tried to install some film and mostly got laughs from everyone there making more of a mess.

After getting the film nicely smoothed out over the hood, the edges were trimmed with a razor knife.

Care was taken not to damage any paint or seals and about 1/4″ of a margin was left around the edges.


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