Project DBA R35 Nissan GT-R: Front End Protection with Premium Shield


The fenders have a lot more complex curves so more finesse is required than with the hood.  The pliability of the thin Premium Shield film helps the installer produce a result free of wrinkles or squeegee marks.
The edges of the film are tucked under where possible and shrunk and stuck down with a heat gun for fewer visible seams.
The front end is the hardest part of the car to install.  It has a lot of vents and complex curves.  A good custom installer can do the front of most cars in a single piece. Pre cut cuts are not like this.  Having a pliable film like Premium Shield makes custom installs like this easier with better results.
The film is stretched and squeegeed down over the front of the car working from the middle outward.  This gives the installer a little more slack at the harder ends of the front bumper.
In areas where a little more stick is needed, like on the inner radius of curved surfaces, a 50/50 mix of water and isopropyl alcohol is used instead of soap and water to activate the adhesive and tack the troublesome area down.
With alcohol and a little finesse, the difficult ridge details of the front bumper can be smoothly covered without seams or bubbles.

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