Project DBA R35 Nissan GT-R: Front End Protection with Premium Shield


The area around the LED running lights is carefully cut out and the cut out piece used as a cover for the lens after trimming.
Judicious use of the squeegee helps get all the bubble and wrinkles out.  The excellent pliability of the Premium Shield film makes this all possible.  Other films tend to get squeegee marks and stretch marks when pushed hard in difficult installs.
A little alcohol mix gets the film stuck down in hard to form areas.
The heat gun also helps areas stick harder and faster as well as seals the cut edges.  A professional custom install is worth every penny in our opinion over a pre cut DIY kit.
The Mirrors also received the Premium Shield treatment.
As a final touch the film is cleaned up with a shot of liquid wax and detailer for a nice shine.  The Premium Shield with its clear coat layer has a nice hard gloss just like the paint.  Older films were slightly less glossy than the paint and were easier to detect.
Our car is complete.  It is hard to spot the film as most of the seams are hidden and the film's glossiness and texture match the paint so well.  Premium Shield plus a pro custom install has left us with the best clear bra job we have seen to date!  Another plus is the entire front end of the car is protected from chipping and scratching from road debris.  All of this is especially nice on a more expensive car like a GT-R.


Our Project GT-R now has the nicest clear bra we have ever seen to date on any car.  You have to really look for it to spot it.  Now we can drive without worrying about road damage, bugs and rock chips.

Stay tuned, soon we will have enough break in mileage on our engine to start doing some mods.  How about a a 10 second totally streetable car with just very simple basic bolt ons or a track day terror that drives like a sweetheat every day?  The GT-R is a special car that makes these thing so easy to obtain.



Service Group Distribution (Premium Shield Protective Film)

Zola Tools (Special Tools for the Film Industry)


Connell Nissan


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