Project DBA R35 Nissan GT-R: Front End Protection with Premium Shield


The area around the hood vents was very carefully cut out and with film protecting the trim around the vent as well.  A steady hand is needed here.  Once the vent pieces are cut out they are squeegeed down firmly.  You need a real good hand to do this and not cut the paint.
Here are the over cut edges of the hood film.  A good installer can tuck these under so there are no visible edge seams and the hood it totally protected.
The edges are tucked under and stuck down with a heat gun to shrink the film and stick it securely to the underside of the hood.  You can only get this with a custom install.  Pre cut kits don't allow for this.
The excess film from the hood is now installed over the headlights using the same techniques as used on the hood.
One of the best advantages of protecting your lights is they won't get that hazy cloudy yellowed lens.  We hate when that happens to lights and the kits to polish it off don't last too long.  Protective film will absolutely prevent that from happening to your lights even on a car that is kept outside and driven daily.  This is an area where every new car should get film installed.
Next we focused our attention on the front fenders.  The sheet of film is draped in place.
Like the hood, the fenders get the soapy water and squeegee treatment.

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