Project E36 323is: Building the Poor Man’s M3, Part 6 – Tales of a Guibo: What The Hell is That Vibration?


E36 unbolting driveshaftHere's Howard the Hard Worker unbolting the driveshaft from the differential.
E36 unbolting driveshaftAfter the rear of the driveshaft was unbolted, it was time to move onto the front where the Guibo is located.  
E36 removing driveshaftOnce everything was unbolted we were able to carefully slide the driveshaft out and get to work on the replacement parts.
E36 old guiboAfter the driveshaft was out we were able to remove the old Guibo, and the image above proves that it was very likely the cause of our vibration issue. The old one was obviously toast!
E36 guibo new vs oldThis is a shot of our new OEM replacement guibo from Pelican Parts, which shows what a healthy version looks like.
E36 new guibo installedOur new Guibo installed and ready to be mated back up to our driveshaft.


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