Project E36 323is: Building the Poor Man’s M3, Part 6 – Tales of a Guibo: What The Hell is That Vibration?


As mentioned previously, we found in our research that many E36 owners also had issues with their center support bearing, which supports the two-piece driveshaft.  Since we had the car in the air, we decided to replace the center support bearing with the while-you're-in-there approach.

E36 center support bearingOur new center support bearing, also from Pelican Parts, ready for preemptive replacement.
E36 removing old center support bearingOnce the driveshaft has been separated into two pieces, you'll then need to remove the old center support bearing by removing a snap ring and a support plate. That should allow the old unit to slide right off.
E36 center support bearing new vs oldThat's the old bearing on the left, and the new bearing on the right.  Although it didn't look like the old one was in bad shape, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and this didn't add much time or expense.
E36 drive shaftOnce you've slid the two halves of the driveshaft together, it's ready to be bolted back into the car.  
E36 installing driveshaftWith the driveshaft bolted back into position front and rear,  bolting the center support bearing back into place is the last part of the job.
E36 reinstalling exhaustThe Guibo and center support bearing being back in meant it was time for Howard to reinstall the exhaust system, and to double check that everything was tightened back up.

Project E36 323is now runs smoothly through all the gears, and the vibration is complelely gone, so we were back on the road after a few short hours of work.



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