Project E36- How to Install a Seibon Carbon Hood


These Aerocatach hood flanges are from Password JDM. The flanges reinforce the Aerocatch and prevent it from tearing out of the thin composite hood material. They, or something like them are essential for a non metal hood. We have seen several examples of Aerocatches tearing out of composite hoods on the track without these parts so consider them as a mandatory addition. They're also not a bad idea even on a metal hood for that matter.  The Password JDM parts are made of anodized aluminum. Sure you can make something like this but it is easier to just buy them from Password JDM!
The Password JDM flanges also come with these handy cutting templates for the hood and these locating dowels for the template. This makes the job of cutting the hood hole much easier. The Loctite is used to secure the Aerocatch's bolts when you are installing the latch.
We are using this handy-dandy “square” fixture to match up the angle of the body lines to the orientation of our Aerocatch hood latches. You will be using this line to orient the stud that you will be installing next.
The Aerocatch hood latches come with a set of nuts that sandwich against the radiator core support to locate the Aerocatch stud. Unfortunately the BMW E36 does not have much clearance on the top of the radiator support to the bottom of the hood, so having a nut there will not let the hood close correctly. Some fabrication will have to come into play to make things work.This plate will be welded under the radiator support and the tapped to the thread pitch of the stud. By doing this we will be able to lose the nut on the top of the core support.
 The plates were tacked in place with a Mig welder.
 Next a stepped drill bit was used to create a hole through the plate and the core support.


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