Project E36- How to Install a Seibon Carbon Hood


The plate was then tapped so the stud could screw into it.
The stud was screwed in and the locknut added from the backside of the core support to keep it from spinning. A little paint was applied to prevent rust and she's good to go. The E36 BMW is a real low profile installation and much more involved than typical CF hood conversions.
As you can see from the cut-out template, a pretty large hole needs to be made for the Aerocatch hood latches. This is great, because your pilot hole for the stud does not have to be exact. Once it's large enough for the stud to protrude you can place the template in place and mark what needs to be cut out. Measure twice – cut once! 3M blue painter's masking tape makes marking easy, keeps you from scratching up the top of the hood and helps prevent the carbon from splintering when you cut it.
 Everything is in place, marked and ready to cut!
We have found that this oscillating cut out tool is the best tool to use to cut the straight lines in composites. The curves can be finished off with a dremel.
The hole is cut and the bolt holes are drilled.  Be sure and do all of your cutting and drilling through the tape to reduce splintering. Our hood is now ready for the Aerocatches.

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