Project E36- How to Install a Seibon Carbon Hood


We made cardboard patterns of where we wanted to add the Boom Mat.
We then transferred the pattern to the Boom Mat and cut out the pieces.
Peel, stick and BOOM!  Our install is done. Sorry for the bad pun.  It makes our install look nice and finished as well as giving some protection to our hood.
Here is a close up view of the hood fit around the lights.  Like we said earlier, the Seibon hood fit our old E36 pretty well even though it had been in a few fender benders over  the course of its lifetime.
 Here is another picture of the fit from the hood to the headlights and grill.
With our install complete, our car looks tons better.  We will take carbon any day over peeling and rusting paint.


MotoIQ Project E36 323is



Password JDM


Ground Control 


KW Suspension 


West End Alignment

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