Project E36- How to Install a Seibon Carbon Hood


 We had to cut some of the fiberglass frame away to get us more clearance to the core support and to allow us enough backside clearance to slide the Password JDM flange up in there.
Here is the Password JDM flange in place.
With everything bolted in and secure the Aerocatch install looks really clean and well finished.
Perhaps the best feature for a street car is the fact that you can order Aerocatches with locks to help keep the Menehunes out of your engine compartment. A good idea for any daily driver.
A look at our latch install from the front. The Sebon hood fits great. The hood to fender gap was slightly wider than stock but was even from side to side and nice and straight. 
When used for daily driving the engine's heat can sometimes have a negative long term effect on composites. Yellowing of the gell coat and haze cracking can come from both UV exposure and internal heat.  To protect our hood from engine heat we used some of DEI's Boom Mat Product line, Under hood Thermal Acoustic Lining. The Boom Mat is made of 3/4″ thick marine grade acoustical foam covered with a fiberglass reinforced aluminum skin. It has a self adhesive backing so it can be simply stuck in place. In addition to protecting the hood from heat, the Boom Mat will  also make things quieter. Boom Mat resists mold and mildew as well as oil and water. It won't disintegrate like the stock hood liners and is a great replacement for old and brittle stock hood mats.

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