Project E36 M3 (Silver): Part 3 – Uncorking the M3 with the help of a Borla Cat-Back Sport Exhaust


Exhaust HangersThe stock exhaust hangers are notorious for tearing within 10-20K miles.  A top tip is to use window caulking to fill the voids to make them solid units.  Tape the back side with duct tape or painters tape and fill it up.  Let it cure and you’re done.  This is common practice on motor mounts and has proven effective without tearing in close to 100,000 miles on these ones while supporting the heavy stock muffler.
Borla Mid PipesOnce the exhaust hangers were installed, we hooked up the mid pipes as per the instructions.
Borla Muffler UnderNext we slid the muffler over the mid pipes and bolted it in place to the hangers which was A LOT easier than removing the heavy stock unit.  It’s important to follow the instructions for the bolting procedure to ensure a solid seal and that exhaust tip alignment is correct.
Borla Muffler LowThe muffler is much smaller and mounted higher out of sight than the stock unit, allowing for greater ground clearance and a straight shot for exhaust to flow through and out of the muffler.
Borla Tips GoodMounted and aligned, the rolled tips of the Borla exhaust are sporty and elegant.

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