Project E36 M3 (Silver): Part 4 – Updating the Interior with Ultrasuede Accents

Column coverColumn wiresNext we unscrewed the lower steering column cover with a Phillips screwdriver and unplugged the airbag and horn plugs.

Horn boltHorn WiresThen we removed the two airbag bolts on the back of the steering wheel with a T25 Torx wrench and unplugged the ground wire for the airbag (brown) and the yellow airbag connector popped right out.
Unbolt wheelWith a 5/8 wrench and a lot of muscle (we would have preferred an impact wrench), we removed the center nut on the wheel.
Mark wheelOnce the bolt was removed, we used a sharpie to mark the orientation of the steering wheel before pulling it off.
Stock wheel closeupThe pitting in this steering wheel wasn’t as bad as a few that I’ve seen, however the steering wheel is something you touch pretty much every second you’re driving, and this has always been a irritation of mine.
Stock Wheel ThreadsAs you can see, the stock “Motorsport” Tri-color stitching is a bit faded and has seen better days.

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