Project E36 M3 (Silver): Part 4 – Updating the Interior with Ultrasuede Accents

US WheelNormally Coby Wheel covers their wheels in a very durable Alcantara, but we wanted our interior pieces to match our headliner and rear speaker tray, so we sent them with some leftover Ultrasuede material.  Once we got our steering wheel and interior pieces back, we were blown away with the result.

US Wheel stitchingA closeup shows bright and vivid stitching which the OEM wheel probably once looked like, but the Ultrasuede wrapped wheel with stitching as good as OEM looked fantastic.
US BootsThe shift and E-brake boots look spectacular in Ultrasuede and the tri-color “Motorsport” stitching was a great and sporty addition.
US ArmrestWe were very pleased with the tri-color stitching on the armrest as well, which now matches the three motorsport stripes on the front and rear seats.
E-brake grooveE-brake zip tieAssembly is pretty much the same as the disassembly except for the e-brake boot, you want to make sure you zip tie the boot on this ‘lip’/groove which will hold the boot in place.  Cut the zip tie and pull the boot right-side-out.
Completed E-brake bootSlide the ebrake boot back in its slot with the front side first then push down on the back, and you’re done.

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