Project E36 M3 (Silver): Part 4 – Updating the Interior with Ultrasuede Accents

Shift boot removalRemoving the shift boot is easy.  Pull up on the shift knob until it pops off, pop up the edges of the boot, and unplug the shift knob wiring.

Ebrake Boot RemovalLift up on the back of the E-brake Boot and pull the boot over the lever.  Cut the zip tie and slide off the boot.
R Ashtray removalRemoving the Armrest takes the most work.  Start off by opening the rear ashtray cover then pushing down on the cover to pop the ashtray out.  Then unscrew the two plastic Phillips screws.
R Armrest cover removalR Armrest cover removalNext remove the single metal Phillips screw that holds down the rear armrest cover (left).  Then pull up on the rear cover to pop it off (right).  With the cover removed, pop off the little credit-card sized cover from the armrest.
F Cover PinsF Armrest coverLift up the armrest then remove the front cover by first prying the cover’s sides off of the pins (left), then lift up on the front cover (right).
pin removalpin removal 2Next use a thin flat head screwdriver that fits in the little slot to push down the tab on the armrest pin.  Once you push down the pin will pop out and the armrest will lift right out.  Be sure to clock this pin the exact way it came out.  It should be able to slide in easily until it clicks into place.  If it starts to get hard to push in, you haven’t clocked it correctly.

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