Project E36 M3 (Silver): Part 5 – Updating the Headlights With HID Euro Ellipsoids


Side by sideThe glass Depo Euro Ellipsoid headlights from EAS are much better and modern looking compared to the old plastic OEM headlights.
Top Side by sideThe Ellipsoids are also a lot longer and heavier than the OEM headlights, a small price to pay for greatly improved looks and lighting.
Rear plugNext we install the headlight harness adapter plug.
The rubber plug has 5 wires that terminate into 4 sockets behind the plug: Yellow, Brown (X2), White, and Grey that plug into each of the 4 male sockets on the back of the new headlight.  The orientation of the wires is important for ground and powering the low and high beams.  Both sides were oriented (starting at 12 o’clock and going clockwise): White, Brown, Grey, Yellow.
Ground and powerNext locate the ground and power for the low beam lights.
We then removed the headlight access panel and took a stepped drill bit to make a hole for the HID ballast harness to go into the headlight housing.

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