Project E36 M3 (Silver): Part 5 – Updating the Headlights With HID Euro Ellipsoids


PlugWith our hole drilled, we pulled the rubber grommet, HID bulb, and harness through the headlight cap.
Plug intoNext we unplugged the factory yellow power wire from the original H1 bulb, removed the bulb, then connected the yellow power wire to the red HID harness wire and the brown ground wire to the black ground wire on the HID harness, and locked the HID bulb in place.  We had to use a pair of tin snips to cut off a small corner of the metal housing for the new HID bulb to fit in, but it was otherwise a very simple install.
CompleteNow that the wires are hooked up, and cap back on, our new headlight is ready to be installed.
Headlight inThe new headlights are then slid into place, bolted in with 4 of the 5 original 8mm bolts (only 2 of the top 3 mounting bolts are used), and the high and low beam plugs re-connected to the car harness.
Now we have to mount the ballast and igniters.  We used 3M heavy-duty double sided tape to mount the igniters to the ballast and the ballast to the car.
For the passenger side (left) we stuck the ballast to the back of the headlight housing, and the driver side (right) stuck the ballast to the AFE heat shield.

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