Project E39 M5: Yokohama Advan GT Wheels & Nitto Invo Tires


Thankfully H&R makes a TRACK+ hub adaptor kit to help us with our exact issue and we were able to source a set from our friend’s over at Turn14 Distribution. The H&R TRACK+ hub adapter spacer kit allows E39s with 74mm hubs to use wheels made for vehicles with a 72.5mm bore diameter. They are also a 15mm spacer, which should end up spacing our front 19×9 +20 offset Advan GTs perfectly. The extra 15mm will also help prevent the tires from rubbing in the inner part of the wheel well when at full lock.


In this picture you can see the step machined into the H&R spacer’s inner bore to clear the bigger E39 hubs. The TRACK+ spacer is machined to tight tolerances and fits on the E39 hub perfectly. This ensures the wheel will always run true to the hub even with the spacer.


BMW’s have wheel bolts instead of studs and nuts. Since we were running spacers we were going to need longer bolts. Fortunately, Mackin Industries offers Mevius wheel bolts which come in different lengths. We went with the 40mm cone shaped long bolts in M12x1.5. We ordered them in black to match our semi-gloss black wheels.


With bolts holding the wheels on, the importance of hubcentric spacers becomes more apparent. It would be really hard to get the wheels on the car if the spacers were not hubcentric. Image trying to hold the wheel in alignment, while fiddling with a floating spacer and then trying get the wheel bolts started. Annoying! As a matter of fact, we’ll probably look into doing a stud/nut conversion soon.


The H&R spacer fits perfectly on the M5’s large hubs. We’re now ready to mount the Advan Racing GT wheels with the smaller 72.5mm center bore on our 74mm bore diameter E39 M5.


As you can see the fitment of our 19×9 Advan GTs with +20 offset combined with the H&R TRACK+ 15mm spacer is perfect. This is about as close as you can get with a car that actually works. Take that flush fanatics! Our 265/30-19 Nitto Invos don’t rub while driving or corner carving, but they do touch the rear of the inner fender liner a tiny bit at full lock.


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