Project E39 M5: Yokohama Advan GT Wheels & Nitto Invo Tires


Our Advan Racing GT wheel cleared everything with zero modifications, other than the H&R adaptor spacers. This was great because our stock wheels would not clear the big StopTech Trophy 6-Piston calipers at all. The Mevius 40mm lug bolts fit perfectly and are a perfect match with the semi-gloss black finish of our wheels.


The solution for the rear wheels was a bit more involved than the fronts. The 19×10 we needed for the rear of our M5 is only available with a +22 offset. Though that offset is perfect for our car, adding a 15mm spacer could not be an option for the rear. So how were we going to fit the rear wheels over our oversized 74mm hubs? Well, we had to find a machine shop that was willing to bore out the center bores of our wheels 1.5mm to match the M5’s hub diameter. Scary, but the procedure was completed with no complications and it was a huge success!


Wall to wall rear rubber looks great from behind! The rear has good clearance to the inner part of the wheel well with our much bigger wheel tire combo. It also has a super close, but still non-rubbing fit to the fender lip. A lot of this is because the M5 comes stock with rolled rear fenders from the factory.


You honestly cannot ask for better fitment than what we’ve been able to achieve with our E39 M5 project. Very little tire to fender gap and no rubbing. Hellafunctional!


The Advan Racing GT wheels really help show off our StopTech big brakes! Despite being feathery light, their forged construction means the wheels are still very strong. Stronger than many cast wheels weighing much more actually. We feel these features match the sophistication and performance of our E39 M5 much better than their stock counterparts. This set of improvements to our car not only have greatly increased its performance, but have really update its appearance. The sorely dated brakes and mesh wheels did not match the M5’s super sedan image.


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