Project E39 M5: Yokohama Advan GT Wheels & Nitto Invo Tires


So what was the final score in the unsprung weight department after all was said and done? According to the final scoreboard (chart above), we came out on top!


With the tires mounted, our front wheels were 5.5 pounds lighter than our stock set-up. This is a 5.5 pound weight savings in each front corner! The rear wheels were an amazing 8.5 pounds lighter than stock even though the wheels are much larger (diameter and width). This added up to a total of 28 pounds in just wheels alone. All of this weight is both rotating and unsprung and has a big impact in improving performance in handling, ride comfort, acceleration, braking, and grip – especially over rough pavement.

Pay attention to our total unsprung weight savings after both our brake and wheel package upgrades too. Even though we gained some weight from the rear brake kit, thanks to the ultra light Advan Racing GTs we still came out with a net savings of 2.5 pounds per rear corner. And how about that 17.5 pound weight savings per front corner?!?!

We cannot believe how great everything came out! Significant reduction of unsprung weight, increased braking capacity and amazing fitment. We seriously could not ask for more.

The Nitto Invos on our new Advan Racing GTs have a much shorter sidewall than our Nitto NT555 G2s. We figured this would affect the ride quality of our M5, but we were surprised to find that the ride quality really did not change. We attribute this to the loss of unsprung weight that is allowing our KW V3s to work much more efficiently at controlling the weight of the car and suspension movement.

Amazingly when test driving the Invo we did not feel like the Invo was giving up much to a summer only tire like the NT05. Perhaps the difference might be less than a couple seconds a lap on a track like Big Willow Raceway and a few seconds on a more technical track like Buttonwillow Raceway.

We were impressed at what a good compromise tire the Nitto Invo is. It gives up very little on the performance side of things, while still being a very comfortable and practical tire for daily driving use. During out driving evaluation we also found the Invo did not exhibit huge performance improvements over the NT555 G2 –  which speaks volumes for the NT555 G2s performance. The Invo feels like it gives better feedback and crisper turn-in than the NT555 G2, but overall grip is almost on par.

Our BMW project is now one awesome looking E39 M5. European performance with a touch of JDM style. It is a solid performer and even gets looks and thumbs up when its cruising the streets or being displayed.


Though our Project M5 is now rocking updated chassis, brake, and footwork, we have plenty of other mods in store for it. In future installments we’ll look to continue improving our M5’s ability to control its massive weight problem and power output. Stay tuned as we will keep looking for functional performance mods to keep adding to our super commuter!


Nitto Tires

Yokohama Wheels

Mackin Industries



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