Project E46 M3: Part 12 – Whiteline control arm bushings, alignment, and tumbler switch fix


Here’s the rear bushing to the driver-side control arm we’ll be removing (we'll also be replacing the passenger side of course).

Using a 16-mm socket, the housings are easily disconnected from the chassis, which will drop the housing a few inches and allow the tool to be placed.

Aftter fitting the Bavarian Autosport bushing press, all we had to do was tighten the 24-mm nut, and the bushings came right off the control arm while still in their housings.

In order to put the new units on, it took a little finagling to keep the tool straight, mainly because the back of the Whiteline bushings are round and not flat like the factory units. While this causes the bar to want to slip of, keeping the unit straight with one hand while turning the wrench with the other got the job done.

With the bushing press from Bavarian Autosport, our Whiteline bushing was a pretty forward install. For those who need further help, Bavarian Autosport has a ton of do-it-yourself video help on Youtube, including with this bushing press for use on a 3 Series BMW. You can thank Gordon Arnold for that at Bavarian Autosport.

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