Project E46 M3: Part 12 – Whiteline control arm bushings, alignment, and tumbler switch fix



After applying a couple of coats of PlastiKote's Black Wrinkle finish, however, the plenum looks a whole lot better, and a little more factory-like. It's not perfect (my fault), but for $15 it's a very nice touch. For more info on how well this CSL-style intake from Castro Motorsports performed did, make sure to check out our dyno testing here!

As mentioned earlier, I recently had had an ignition switch go out. As a result, turning the key to the off position—and even taking it out—would sometimes not even turn the car off the car! This meant using the annoying method of stalling the car by yanking the gear selector to a high gear and letting go of the clutch pedal (you can use first gear but then you’ll chirp the tires and make the situation more obvious).

In order to access the switch, you have to remove the steering column cover underneath the steering wheel, which has three plastic rivets in. Gently pry them out.

With the rivets off, the column cover should drop right out.

There are two little screws holding the switch in place. You’ll have to remove them with a smaller screwdriver.

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