Project Fiesta ST – Improving the Brakes with a Gold Coast Automotive Big Brake Kit and a Ford Racing Brake Controller


We installed this Ford Racing ABS module.  This is a great part that tuns off the wrenched factory traction control and stability control.  It also deletes the torque vectoring and understeeer control that doesn't work too good once you start modifying the suspension and adding tires with more grip.  The ABS has been reprogrammed to allow for more aggressive braking.  We have found that electronic nannies can be very hard on the brakes and that although they aid safety on the street, they interfere with fast track type driving.
To install the larger rotors, SPD Motorsports boss Scott Dodgion removes the bolts that hold the caliper to the spindle.  
Scott then removes the bolt that holds the brake line to the strut.
The caliper can now be lifted away.
Now the rotor can be removed. 
To make room for the the larger rotors the stock dust shield must be removed.  This is no problem and only requires that a few 10mm bolts be removed.


  1. Hey guys sweet build! Do you know if this is the bspec abs module? Or a different one? Looking for the part number!

  2. Hi Mike, wondering if you know the owner of Gold Coast Automotive directly? I’ve been trying to buy the front and rear kit for awhile now but can’t get in touch with them. Their website isn’t accepting payments anymore.

    1. I don’t know, this is a pretty old article and it was a small company for a car that ended up not being too popular.

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