Project Fiesta ST – Improving the Brakes with a Gold Coast Automotive Big Brake Kit and a Ford Racing Brake Controller


Scott tightens down the caliper slider bolts.

The brake line mounting bolt, the rear spring and the rear shock are reinstalled. 

The big rear brakes are ready to rock!

Stay tuned, the Fiesta ST is now undergoing a radical transformation at SPD Motorsports.  The interior is getting a thorough gutting and the car is losing over 300 lbs and getting a new full rollcage.  Our street car is going to make the jump to become a fast but reliable race car!

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Gold Coast Automotive

SPD Motorsports

mountune USA

ST Suspension




  1. Hey guys sweet build! Do you know if this is the bspec abs module? Or a different one? Looking for the part number!

  2. Hi Mike, wondering if you know the owner of Gold Coast Automotive directly? I’ve been trying to buy the front and rear kit for awhile now but can’t get in touch with them. Their website isn’t accepting payments anymore.

    1. I don’t know, this is a pretty old article and it was a small company for a car that ended up not being too popular.

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