Project Fiesta ST – Improving the Brakes with a Gold Coast Automotive Big Brake Kit and a Ford Racing Brake Controller


The caliper is held up with a strap to take stress off the brake line.  We are now ready to install the bigger rotors.
The rotor adaptors are placed on the front hubs.
The big front rotors are placed on the hubs.
When we were fitting on the caliper adaptors, we found that on one side, some forging flash was preventing the adaptor from seating correctly. This is likely just some production variance and an uncontrolled tolerance on the stock part.  We easily corrected this by sanding the flash away with a drum sander.  This only took a few seconds.
The spindle with the forging flash sanded off.
To prevent any chance of the bolts loosening, blue Loctite was used on the caliper adaptor bolts.


  1. Hey guys sweet build! Do you know if this is the bspec abs module? Or a different one? Looking for the part number!

  2. Hi Mike, wondering if you know the owner of Gold Coast Automotive directly? I’ve been trying to buy the front and rear kit for awhile now but can’t get in touch with them. Their website isn’t accepting payments anymore.

    1. I don’t know, this is a pretty old article and it was a small company for a car that ended up not being too popular.

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