Project Ford Mustang 5.0 – Installing KW Clubsports!


The Mustang with its live axle has independent springs and dampers.  The KW rear damper has a stainless body and interestingly has a bump stop on the shock body.  An OEM style dust cover is used which is handy for all season durability.  It is hard to see but the compression adjuster is a star wheel in a slot above the lower spring eye.

The rebound adjuster is on the top of the shaft.  The KW shock has a shorter body so the car can sit lower without losing bump travel.

The shock bump stops are progressive MCU types.  We love MCU bumpstops, the soft material gives a progressive limit to the end of the shock travel which is less likely to upset the balance when cornering in bumpy turns.

The springs have a ride height adjustable perch which is needed for adjusting corner weights.  The tender spring helps inside wheel cornering traction by pushing down and  helping the lightly loaded inside wheel keep in contact with the pavement.  On a live axle car this can help a lot.  The spring seats are hard anodized for corrosion resistance.

This is how the spring assembly stacks up.  By keeping tension on the stack, the tender spring also reduces a lot of the clanking and boinging that race springs tend to make on droop and when going over differential bumps.

The KW spring pack sits in the stock spring location perfectly.

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