Project Ford Mustang 5.0 – Installing KW Clubsports!


The shock is in place.  We find it hard to believe that Ford did not e-coat the axle housing just leaving it in rusty bare steel.  Not only is this very yucky looking, we don't know how this could pass OEM level durability testing.

The OEM bumpstop is left in place.  We might mess with this later after we've performed some testing.

Howard Watanabe of Technosquare hard at work installing our KW Clubsports.  Howard is the official tech of MotoIQ now as he is located within our palatial headquarters.  He is still open to the public doing his normal high quality work as well.

Our front KW's in place and ready to go almost.  We just have to hook up the front antisway bar links.
Our Mustang now sits 40mm lower than stock.  With the tiny 255 tires the car still looks kind of high.  We will be fixing this soon we promise! 

We will evaluate our Mustang's suspension progress on the track soon.  First we need some tires and some chassis set up.  Just from driving the car on the street with no set up at all done yet the changes are impressive.  The ride quality is actually a bit better than stock, in typical KW form, the ride is firmer but it is also well damped with a lot of the pre-existing body roll and overshoot gone.

The car has much less nosedive and much less squat under application of throttle.  The huge amount of squat on corner exit combined with a loss of traction and oversteer was one of the car's major cornering weaknesses and it is nearly eliminated now. 

The changes effected by the KW and Whiteline bits have transformed the car.  It is pretty amazing how much better it is.  It makes us all want to rush out and buy a Mustang it is that good.  So far the addition of these parts are one of the biggest improvements we have seen on a single car to date.

Who says live axles can't hang?

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