Project FR-S: More Power Everywhere with an Intercooler from Innovate Motorsports


With intercooling the engine can tolerate more boost. Innovate provided us with 70mm and 72mm blower pulleys to experiment with. These smaller pulleys (the stock pulley is 74mm) will spin the blower faster generating more boost.
To start we had to remove our splitter we installed a few segments ago and the front fascia of the car. The stock car has no splitter so this is actually easier!
The front of the car is ready for installation of the intercooler's heat exchanger.
Since we are changing the front pulley for a smaller one we loosened the bolts while the belt was still on to make removal easier. Next we unbolted the supercharger from the intake manifold which was pretty easy.
The supercharger's intake manifold has a large plenum which was designed to accommodate the intercooler core from the get go making things much easier.
The bottom of the supercharger body is sealed to the intake manifold via a big o-ring type seal. You don't need to replace it but you should inspect it to make sure it's in good shape and sitting in the groove. You can see the supercharger exhaust port. The shape of it is critical for blower efficiency and sound suppression. The front to rear arrangement of the blower's ports is due to a screw type blower's internal compression, a key to its high efficiency. Now would also be a good time to verify the tightness of the fittings on the rear of the blower as well to make sure things stay leak free.


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