Project FR-S: More Power Everywhere with an Intercooler from Innovate Motorsports


We installed the coolant fittings on the intercooler core. These are sealed against the supercharger manifold with rubber seals.
Here is one of the exit ports in the manifold plenum for the intercooler coolant lines. There are four cast-in posts that the intercooler core rests on. You need to put a dab of silicone on each one of them before installing the core to give the core a bit of a cushion. You can see the silicone on two of the posts in this picture.
The core simply drops in place like it was made to go there. Well it was made to go there.
Here is the core before we bolted the blower down on top of it. As we said earlier, the core might look restrictive but Innovate thoroughly tested it for pressure drop and it is fine. A different version of the core with bigger slots was tested and it actually lost power. Don't mess with them!
The hose bibs where the coolant lines hook to.
The supercharger unit itself is reinstalled.

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