Project FR-S: More Power Everywhere with an Intercooler from Innovate Motorsports


The coolant lines are then routed to the suction side of the core and the heat exchanger and the hose clamps tightened down. With everything fitting easily this installation is just sailing right along. Everything is OEM like in fit and finish.
The water pump is attached to its bracket on the driver's side cylinder head and the coolant lines attached. We filled up the system with long life coolant and started the car right up. We let the system run for a few minutes to purge out all the bubbles and we were ready to dyno! We can't keep stopping from saying just how easy all of the stuff from Innovate had been to install so far.  This is perhaps the easiest gain of a bunch of power we have ever dealt with. A person with moderate skills could install this whole system in a day or two at the most.
With everything buttoned up it was time to hit the dyno. We were watching the AFR and we didn't have to retune the ECU.
The addition of the intercooler and the smaller drive pulley made a huge difference across the board, really increasing power under the curve. Peak power went from 192.7 hp and 158.5 lb ft to 211.7 and 174.1 lb ft. This is an increase of 19 hp and 15.6 lb ft of torque, a huge difference on the small 2 liter FA20 engine. As you can see the gains have a tremendous amount of area so the intercooler makes a lot bigger difference than the raw numbers might suggest.

We were really pleased with the power produced by the intercooler and pulley. Our car now feels a lot more fun to drive and the engine is starting to match the abilities of the suspension, tires and brakes more closely. Perhaps the biggest improvement we see with the intercooler is that now the power doesn't fade away after time on boost, making the car a lot more fun and consistent to drive.


Stay tuned, Innovate Motorsports is hard at work designing an airbox, MAF and intake package that should get more power out of this combination, we think anywhere from 6-10 more horsepower you can bet we will be testing this as soon as it is proven and ready.


Other future plans are continual refinement of the suspension, improved oil cooling and perhaps some experimentation with water injection. 


Expect more updates soon!



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