Project FR-S: More Rear Suspension with Cusco and Whiteline


You can see how the Whiteline upper control arm eccentric bushing allows adjustability.  We set the bushings to reduce negative camber and also to raise the upper control arm inner pivot as high as possible to raise the rear roll center.   When the car is lowered the rear roll center drops.  Too low of a roll center can make the car twitchy at the limit.  When you correct the front roll center like we did in the last installment of Project -FR-S the roll axis starts to get flatter.  We feel that the roll axis needs to slope forward for the most natural feel to the car.  By raising the rear roll center we can maintain this relationship.
You can see how the eccentrics really move the pivot location upward and outward compared to stock.  When relocating the roll center a little bit goes a long way.  This mod raised our roll center about 3/4″
The lock bolts allow adjustment of the eccentrics with a wrench and lock the adjustment in solidly.  We also got some of the tilt out of the upper control arm to reduce anti squat which will help corner exit traction some.
Here are the traction and toe rods in place.  We adjusted the traction rod slightly longer to reduce toe in under roll.
The new sway bar on the bottom is much thicker than the old part.
The new Whiteline rear bar comes with these slick braces that help keep the bar mounts from tearing out of the chassis.  They also reduce flex which makes the rear bar more effective.  When the new bar is 170% stiffer than stock, it is something to be considered!


  1. Hi Mike
    Have you done any projects on the 06-11 Civic FG chassis ?
    Would like to know what’s best for a better (already good stock)
    road response for not too much outlay

    Thanks much.
    Ottawa, Canada

    1. I did the Spoon FT2 which is like the FG. What is not a lot of outlay, that’s a very general impossible to answer question.

  2. What are your thoughts on the combination of the 22mm and 18mm swaybars? I noticed that whiteline is packaging the 22mm front with the 16mm rear. Do you have any insight as to why they may be doing this?

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