Project FR-S: More Rear Suspension with Cusco and Whiteline


Our rear suspension is pretty impressive looking.  Now it's time for an alignment.
Time for Darren Nishimura at Westend Alignment to work his magic again.  Darren first painted a white line on the tire.
Then a line was scribed in the white paint to establish a measuring datum on the tire.
Darren first roughed in the toe setting.  Camber and toe both affect each other so the alignment has to be walked down.
Toe is measured with a Toe Bar.
Darren roughs in the camber.  We wanted 1.5 degrees negative.  Before we were stuck at 1.75 degrees negative but now we could get our desired reading with the Whiteline upper bushing in place.


  1. Hi Mike
    Have you done any projects on the 06-11 Civic FG chassis ?
    Would like to know what’s best for a better (already good stock)
    road response for not too much outlay

    Thanks much.
    Ottawa, Canada

    1. I did the Spoon FT2 which is like the FG. What is not a lot of outlay, that’s a very general impossible to answer question.

  2. What are your thoughts on the combination of the 22mm and 18mm swaybars? I noticed that whiteline is packaging the 22mm front with the 16mm rear. Do you have any insight as to why they may be doing this?

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