Project FR-S: More Rear Suspension with Cusco and Whiteline


Next the toe adjustment is finalized at 1/8″ toe in.
The camber is finalized at 1.5 degrees negative and we are done!

We thought our car handled well before but with our latest round of chassis tweaks our car is getting pretty darned amazing.  The rear traction is much improved in steady state and the car is easy to catch when forced into oversteer.  Wheel hop is non existent and the car launches hard with little wheelspin due to the reduced negative camber, the reduced antisquat and the reduced compliance in the rear bushings.

What is amazing is that NVH had not changed one bit over stock.  Even with urethane and bearings replacing rubber the ride and noise have not degraded at all.  Our car handles so well that it feels vastly underpowered.  The chassis and tires can easily handle another 100 hp.  The only negative in the car's handling is that the electric power steering is numb feeling even with our front geometry changes and we are not sure how we can address this issue.

Stay tuned, in the near future we will continue to develop our suspension with a set of KW's brand new 3-Way adjustable Clubsport coilovers.  Our car is set to rule autocrosses and street RWD Time Attack classes.  The 3-ways will give us the adjustabilty to match nearly any condition.



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  1. Hi Mike
    Have you done any projects on the 06-11 Civic FG chassis ?
    Would like to know what’s best for a better (already good stock)
    road response for not too much outlay

    Thanks much.
    Ottawa, Canada

    1. I did the Spoon FT2 which is like the FG. What is not a lot of outlay, that’s a very general impossible to answer question.

  2. What are your thoughts on the combination of the 22mm and 18mm swaybars? I noticed that whiteline is packaging the 22mm front with the 16mm rear. Do you have any insight as to why they may be doing this?

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